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Civil Services 2017- Mains Answer Writing

This section is for those who are aware of the fact that :"Selection in Civil services Exam is Possible only with Better Answer writing skill" 


Q.Two main pre-conditions for achieving sustainable mining in India are good governance and self-regulating mining enterprises which are economically viable, financially profitable and technically efficient.Keeping these things in mind do you feel mining in India is sustainable?

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Q.Critically Evaluate India's decision of not joining Belt and Road Forum (BRF) hosted by China in may.

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Q.RBI recently released a paper seeking views from general public on wholesale, long-term finance banks. Give your opinion and enumerate pros and cons of WLTF in India. 



Q.What is the difference between governance and e-gevernance? How is e-governance connected with the digital India mission? Do you think that recently organised Smart India Hackathon searches for smart governance solutions ?

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Q.Discuss the major causes of pendency of cases in Indian Judiciary.How can executive help judiciary resolve these issues?

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Q. With increasing incidents because of climate change effect such as early heat waves, there is a need of climate change resistant varieties of food grains in India for sustainable agriculture and food security. With the present scientific development and socio-economic as well as political conditions in India, do you see a prospect to reduce the climate change effect on Indian Agriculture?

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Q. What are the problems of Agriculture sector in India? Discuss major steps taken by government to improve the condition of this sector.

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Q. What are the major steps taken by Government of India for reforming Education Sector in India. Discuss keeping in mind the 2017 Budget tabled in Parliament. 

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Q.India is still not self-sufficient in fertilizer production. Discuss the major steps taken by government to make India self-sufficient in fertiliser production and ensuring fertilizer reach to end users.

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