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Mains Test 1 Physical Geography Questions

Mains Test 1 Physical Geography Questions

                                                                                                                       Topics  Model Answers


Q:1 Thunderstorm  are severe local storms , which are of short duration, occurring over small area but are violent. Discuss the origin and development of thunderstorm . 
                                                                                   (12 ½ Marks,200 words)
Q:2 Discuss the Coriolis Force and its significance to Earth climatic phenomena .   (12 ½ Marks,  200 words)

Q.3: What are cyclones? Distinguish between tropical and temperate cyclones. 
                                                                                   (12 ½ Marks, 200 words)

Q4 : Discuss the various factor and its impact which involved in ocean acidification. (12 ½ Marks,200 words) 

Q5:  Japan experiences much more volcanoes than other countries of the world. Discuss 
                                                                                 (12 ½ Marks,200 words)
Q 6 : In northern hemisphere ,when we go toward 90 degree latitude the length of the day increases in summer seasons .critically examine why the length of day increases and also explain the role of  latitude for day and night increase.                           
                                                                                  (12 ½ Marks,200 words)
Q:7 The circulation of oceanic water originate due to the combined effect of several factors .Discuss the factors like  Temperature, salinity and density are the prime causes of oceanic water circulation . 
                                                                                  (12 ½ Marks,200 words)
Q:8 Explain the distribution of fold mountains across the world on the context of plate tectonics theory.                              
                                                                                  (12 ½ Marks,200 words)
Q:9 Discuss  the factors causing rejuvenation in landscape and describe the resultant landform. 
                                                                                (12 ½ Marks, 200 W)
Q:10 Discuss the concept of cycle of erosion.                   
                                                                              (12 ½ Marks,200 words)
Q:11 Discuss the processes of mechanical and chemical weathering and show their relationship with soil formation.  
                                                                              (12 ½ Marks,200 words)
Q : 12 Discuss the concept of Volcanism and show how the theory of Plate Tectonics explains the mechanism of volcanism and volcanic eruptions.
                                                                             (12 ½ Marks,200 words)
Q13:  What do you understand by ‘continental drift’ theory and the ‘plate tectonics’ theory?. 
                                                                             (12 ½ Marks,200 words)
Q:14 Discuss the life-cycle of a temperate cyclone and also describe the weather associated with it. 
                                                                             (12 ½ Marks,200 words)
Q:15 Discuss the development of local winds, and their influence on local weather, giving three examples of the well-known local winds in the world. 
                                                                            (12 ½ Marks,200 words)
Q:16 Define air masses. How do they originate? Classify them and state the characteristics of any one type.                      
                                                                           (12 ½ Marks,200 words)

Q :17 Discuss the nature and composition of earth’s atmosphere.            (12 ½ Marks,200 words)

Q:18 List the important water bodies and ice caps in news due to changes in the geographical features. Trace the reasons for change. (12 ½ Marks,200 words)

Q: 19 How did  Perigean moon impact tides around the world and especially in India?discuss the different type of tides and causes of occurrence. (12 ½ Marks,200 words)

Q:20 The greatest concentration of volcanoes is located in the Circum – Pacific region, known as ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’. Examine why and also explain features of these volcanoes. 
                                                                           (12 ½ Marks,200 words)

Model Answers