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Mains Test 2 Indian Geography Topics

Mains Test 2


•    Distribution and variability of Indian Rainfall 
•    Himalayan River System and Peninsular river system 
•    Indian Monsoon 
•    Inland waterways in India –Obstacles
•    Resources of Andaman and Nicobar Islands
•    Agricultural regions of India
•    Marine resources of India
•    Locational  factor  for manufacturing industry  in India
•    Coal Resources
•    Economic Significance of Norther Indian Plains
•    Comparison of Western Ghats with the Eastern Ghats for Hydel Power
•    Economical  resources of the Continental Shelf of the Indian Ocean
•    Port facilities and shipping industry
•    Soil conservation
•    Interlinking of rivers
•    Himalayas-Climate and Cultural Divide
•    Role of animal husbandry in the agricultural economy of India
•    Inter-regional trade in India
•    Indian Tea Industry-Problem and Prospects
•    Impact of  urbanization in India

Test 2 Questions

Test 2 Model Answers


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