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Mains Test 3 India After Independence and Modern India

India After Independence and Modern India

•    Accession of the three princely states – Kashmir, Junagarh and Hyderabad- to India
•    Nehruvian philosophy
•    Sardar Patel and Unification of India
•    Political affairs of  Jayaprakash Narayan
•    National emergency of 1975 and Federal Characteristics of India
•    Mandal Commission
•    Narmada Bachao Andolan with Chipko Movement-Comparison
•    Communalism
•    Growth of Indian nationalism and diversity and unity of India
•    Socio-Religious Reforms in 19th Century
•    Revolutionary movement and important role in Indian freedom
•    Gandhi and Quit India Movement
•    Peasant protest after 1857
•    Komagata Maru incident
•    Significance of Individual Satyagraha
•    Tribal movements and their contribution to Indian freedom struggle.
•    Absentee landlordism
•    British land revenue policy in India
•    Congress ministries performances and consequences from 1937 to 1939



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